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Quick-Step Livyn: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Why Vinyl Flooring?

Quick-Step Vinyl is a collection of luxury vinyl floors combining the natural look and feel of wood or stone, with the practical benefits of vinyl tiles. Quick-Step offers all the necessary tools and accessories to install, finish and maintain your vinyl floor quickly and easily.

Natural Looking:

Livyn Luxury Vinyl floors are a delight for your eyes and feet. Available in a wide variety of colours and designs, and exceptionally quiet to walk on, making it the perfect floor covering for your kitchen or bathroom.

Quick and Easy to Install:

Thanks to the Uniclic Multifit for Livyn system, your Livyn floor can be installed anywhere, quickly and easily. And because luxury vinyl is also very thin and flexible, it can even be laid over your existing floor, making it easier to install than ever before.

Quality and Durability:

Vinyl Flooring can easily endure the pressures of everyday life. Not only is Livyn flooring 100% waterproof, but the fully-sealed top layer with stain guard and scratch guard technology keeps your flooring free from scratches and stains and easy to clean. In addition, all Livyn floors come with a 20-year warranty.