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Foil Insulation

Foil insulation is made up of multi-layered reflective films, only a few microns thick. These layers, are separated by wadding or foam and are then sewn together to form a thin insulating blanket.

Foil insulation is three to five times thinner than traditional thick insulation (including air spaces) but performs to the same level.

Multi-foils are most commonly used to complement rigid insulation boards, mineral wool slabs and occasionally mineral glass wool rolls.

These products are perfectly suitable for insulating residential, commercial and industrial buildings, in roofs, attics, walls and floors. There are 2 types of foil insulation;

  • Bubble wrap based insulation products, used as additional insulation because of their limited thermal efficiency.
  • Multifoil insulation products used as a stand-alone insulation because they have a thermal performance similar to that of thicker traditional insulation.

The multi-layered insulating complex allows an airtight installation by stopping air infiltration from the outside to the inside and vice-versa.

All the layers put together act as an insulant and help to prevent condensation.