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Vapour Impermeable

Protect VC Foil Ultra

Protect VC Foil Ultra with integrated lap and seal technology is a highly reflective low emissivity air and vapour control layer used in all constructions to enhance the thermal performance of walls, roofs and floors. It has high mechanical strength and the solid aluminium low emissivity foil layer provides *0.78m2K/W thermal resistance in an unventilated airspace of 20mm or more.
* Heat flow horizontal.

Protect BarriAir

Protect BarriAir with integrated lap and seal technology is a highly effective air leakage barrier with vapour control properties. Developed for use in either ceiling or wall applications, the semi translucent membrane features a printed cross grid for ease of alignment, and the integrated tapes significantly reduce the installation time whilst ensuring a much more effective sealed joint when compared with a traditional overlap tape.

Protect FCM 750

Protect FCM 750 has been specifically developed to maintain the integrity of the airtightness system at difficult intermediate floor junctions. This multi-layer construction membrane is both entirely water resistant and airtight yet remains highly vapour permeable to minimise the risk of harmful condensation formation.

Protect F1 Floor

Protect F1 Floor Protection Membrane with integrated lap and seal technology is a high performance multipurpose coated non woven membrane designed to provide surface protection to a wide range of floor substrates from wet trades and foot traffic. Protect F1 exceeds the minimum Pendulum Test Value of 36 achieving a low slip potential even when wet.