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Vapour Permeable

Protect TF200

Protect TF200 is a highly vapour permeable membrane for use in timber framed panel construction. It exceeds the maximum vapour resistance requirements as defined by BS 4016, The Structural Timber Association (STA) and the NHBC. With good water penetration resistance, TF200 protects the structure from moisture ingress whilst still allowing water vapour to escape from the cavity. Available in 5 colours: Anthracite, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Bespoke printing available.

Protect TF200 Thermo

Protect TF200 Thermo for use in timber frame wall panel construction, has all the features of the tried and tested TF200 with the addition of a highly reflective solid aluminium foil. The low emissivity foil layer provides 0.77m2K/W thermal resistance in an unventilated airspace of 20mm or more.

Protect 500 Facade W1

Protect 5000 Facade W1 is a tough non woven polypropylene spunbond incorporating a unique durable, high purity blackened aluminium protective surface which provides excellent UV resistance. This fully water resistant, vapour permeable membrane has been developed specifically for use in open cladding applications as defined in BS EN 13859-2.