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As a pioneer in innovation and quality, Quick-Step knows how to create the perfect engineered wood flooring. Having carefully selected the different layers of the product to bind them in an optimised production process, we can guarantee a stable and durable floor covering. We won’t give you our magic formula, but we can tell you a bit more about engineered wood flooring.


Even though quite attractive, solid wood flooring is also pretty expensive. Moreover, it imposes a burden on the environment and is not particularly easy to install due to the weight of the planks. Engineered wood floors are the perfect alternative. They combine the look and feel of solid parquet flooring with the durability and ease-of-use of a carefully crafted product.


Wood responds to changes in temperature and humidity, and planks can expand or even warp as a result. Quick-Step’s engineered wood floors are made of four durable layers that are glued together in a crosswise pattern. The alternating pattern counteracts any possible deformation of the planks due to temperature or humidity.


Quick-Step’s engineered wood flooring consists of three layers of stable hardwood, combined with a protective finish. The top tier is a carefully selected, 3 mm solid wood layer, available in a broad range of colours and grains. The core is made of either HDF (for our Compact floors) or hevea (rubberwood) and ensures easy click fitting and a strong connection during installation. For the backing layer, we use an environmentally friendly timber, which is carefully dried and offers the perfect balance for your flooring.


No fewer than seven coatings of UV-cured lacquer are used to protect all our hardwood floors against wear, scratches and stains. Alternatively, two layers of quality oil create an extra matt, natural look and graceful aging.

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