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How many battens are out of a log?

Bark (a):
No good for timber

Sideboards (b, c & d):
Shorter lengths, larger volume of narrow boards
RW: 19 & 25mm, WW 22 & 25mm (some 19mm)
Mainly round black knots
Best quality in most outer boards

Centre cut ( e):
Longer lengths
Splits the heart => round knots on faces and edges and splay knot on heart face
Drying shakes more common

Centre cut logs can be 2ex or 4ex:

2 ex battens usually provided 75mm, 63mm, the majority is 50mm, and some smaller logs are cut for 44mm, 32mm & 38mm battens. Normal cutting results in round knots on edges & faces, splay knots on heart face.

4ex battens usually provides 32mm/38mm x 150mm-225mm & occasionally 50mm x 200mm-250mm. This cut is usually from large bottom logs. There is a higher quality of batten cut from the outer pieces of the log and a lower quality of batten cut from the centre of the log.