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The Velux top hung roof windows offer uninterrupted views when fully open, creating extra headroom and a feeling of being outside.

Combine them together to give dramatic visual impact and flood your house with daylight.

The top hung roof windows are ideal for shallow pitched roofs , the handles can easily be reached to open the window and provide extra headroom and expansive views.

The standard window is supplied in bright white paint finish with discreet wood grain matches perfectly with modern interiors.

The window is painted before assembly for a flawless finish and outstanding quality.

An Anti-Fungal treatment ensures longevity of wood finish.

White painted windows are lower maintenance than pine finish roof windows.

Top Hung Velux roof windows are also available in a White polyurethane finish which is the first choice for humid rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms.

The wooden core is encased in moisture resistant white polyurethane meaning is maintenance free and ideal for out of reach areas.

The specially heat treated timber core delivers improved insulation.