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Floor Fixings

Our floor fixings range includes glues, adhesives, joint and joist sealants, fixing systems and tapes.

CaberFix T&G PVA - Perfect for tongue and groove flooring. CaberFixT&G® is a powerful, fast-setting PVA D3 glue designed for sealing and fixing Norbord CaberDek and other Norbord tongue and groove flooring products. T&G is water resistant and forms a strong, hard and rigid glue line.

CaberFix D4 - The latest addition to Norbord's flooring adhesive family. CaberFix D4 is a solvent-free, one-component polyurethane adhesive for use with Norbord’s CaberDek, CaberFloor and CaberShieldPlus. It’s ideal for bonding flooring boards to both joists and tongue and groove joints, and for sealing the board edges. Caberfix D4 is an efficient, economic foaming adhesive in an easy-to-hold 1kg bottle.

CaberFix Joint&Joist - A PU adhesive and sealant. Used to create a strong, silent and flexible bond, Joint & Joist will bond to a wide variety of materials and can also be used to provide a 100% guaranteed waterproof seal in tongue and groove joints between boards. Damp or wet weather won’t affect Joint&Joist, which makes it excellent for use on site and in difficult conditions.

CaberFix Pro Kit - A powerful sealing and fixing system, recommended for installing Norbord’s CaberDek flooring. Widely used by national house builders, the system consists of Caberfix T&G adhesive, CaberFix Joint&Joist adhesive and CaberFix Tape.

CaberFix Tape For use with CaberDek and CaberShield. CaberFixTape® - A polyethylene-coated cloth tape for sealing CaberDek perimeters to walls and for sealing joints during construction phases. It will stick well to irregular surfaces, is easy to tear and has high peel strength.

CaberFix X-Treme Tape - Designed specifically for installing CaberDek in harsh winter conditions. CaberFix X-treme is a highly durable, scuff resistant acrylic tape ideal for use in harsh weather. CaberFix X-treme works in conditions up to -21°C, and its super strong acrylic adhesive means it bonds well in damp conditions, and does not lift when wet.