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Caberfloor P5

  • Stable, durable and easy to lay.
  • Caberfloor P5 is a high-strength wood particleboard engineered for all domestic and most other floors.
  • Available in 18mm and 22mm thickness, the moisture resistant variant is the UK’s most widely used chipboard flooring panel.


Caberdek flooring – high performance come rain or shine.

An 18mm or 22mm thickness flooring panel offering increased protection from the elements, Caberdek combines the UK’s market leading particleboard flooring with a tough, waterproof and slip-resistant film.

Able to withstand the elements during construction for up to 42 days, Caberdek’s strong film can be removed after work leaving a clean finished floor.


Our tough P5 flooring with a permanent, waterproof coating on both sides.

An advanced product designed for the unpredictable British weather. Our P5 chipboard is coated on both sides with a tough, waterproof coating. Double-sided, the top side is non-slip to ensure a safe working platform, whereas the underside is smooth enabling the board to easily slide into place.


The Back bone of our range of flooring products for residential applications is the Egger P5 Grade (Enhanced moisture resistant Particleboard).

Product benefits;

  • Enhanced moisture resistant boards
  • The only board manufactured in the UK using diamond tipped tooling to create a precision T&G profile
  • Profiled on all four sides for quick and easy installation
  • Specified by NHBC for new build applications in dry conditions
  • All raw materials are sourced locally to minimise transport emissions
  • Closed surface for smoother boards and enhanced surface finishes
  • CE and FSC certified
  • Covered by the EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee

EGGER Peel Clean Xtra

When surface protection form site traffic and wet trades is needed during construction. All the benefits of P5 plus...

  • Advanced peel off film which is stronger and more resilient to the rigours of site traffic
  • The new film provides enhanced slip resistance and protection on site for up to 42 days
  • Once the film is peeled away a polymer seal is left on top of the chipboard surface providing an additional permanent moisture barrier
  • Covered by the EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee
  • Available in 2400 x 600mm and 18 & 22 mm thickness.

EGGER Protect

A hard wearing flooring board with dual surface protection on site when it’s needed most. All the benefits of P5 plus...

  • Can be installed in light rain conditions resulting in fewer stoppages on site
  • Fully sealed surface protects against water and moisture ingress on both sides of the board for up to 42 days in exposed conditions
  • Protects against wear and tear of site traffic
  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating
  • The only board type we recommend tiling directly onto
  • The unique anti slip surface contributes to site safety
  • No joint sealing tape required
  • Covered by the EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee