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We stock a full range of Standard, Perforated, White Painted and Oil Tempered grades. Hardboard is commonly used as a floor covering but can also be used in a wide range of panelling and cladding applications. Easy to cut and fix, it can also be painted.

Hardboard is a compressed, composite board. Fibre residuals are saturated in a wet process and then compressed to a sheet. A fine fibre overlay is applied (normally to one side) to provide smooth face.

Three basic types are available - standard, medium and oil-tempered. A number of specially finished boards are available for specific purposes.

  • Standard - With a smooth surface on one side and a mesh texture on the other, this can be used for wall and ceiling panelling, floors, door panels, built-in cupboards and fitments etc.
  • Medium - This is less dense than standard hardboard but it is thicker and so more rigid. There are two types: LM (low density) which will take drawing pins and can be used for pin boards and notice boards, and HM (high density) which is suitable for wall and ceiling lining, partitions.
  • Tempered Treated - This is usually treated with oil to give extra strength and water resistance, it is particularly suitable for exterior use.