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OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered wood-based sheet material, designed to be strong, reliable and versatile. OSB is structurally engineered for performance in a number of uses, particularly timber frame kit manufacture. It also has many packaging and sheathing uses where a solid faced panel is required.

OSB is a natural alternative to softwood plywood. It meets the same performance standards as plywood, yet is more cost-effective. SterlingOSB has excellent moisture tolerance and is less susceptible to stress related problems such as warping and ply separation. In addition, OSB has exceptional dimensional stability and a uniform structure with no knots or core voids.

Our OSB is supplied by Norbord. Sterling Board is manufactured in Inverness from thinnings and small diameter logs sourced locally from well managed forests improving the growth and sustainability of surrounding plants, trees and wildlife.

The board has FSC certification and is manufactured in Scotland meaning fewer carbon miles are clocked up in distribution.

The Inverness "SterlingOSB" range consists of panels suitable for:

  • Dry structural applications
  • Dry and humid structural use
  • Roofing