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Plywood panels consist of at least three layers (or ‘plies’) of thin wood bonded together with an adhesive. Each ply is usually orientated at a right angle to the adjacent layers in order to improve strength and reduce the probability of shrinkage. It also creates impressive inflexibility for its thickness, which makes even light panels suitable for heavy duty.

The outer layers of the board are commonly referred to as the ‘face’ and ‘back’ and are graded based on quality. The intermediate layers are collectively known as the ‘core’. Plywood glue is graded for suitability for internal or external use.

A full range of plywood in a wide variety of thicknesses, sizes and types are immediately available ex stock.

We supply a variety of Certified Plywood Panels, which are sourced from sustainable environments. These include both FSC and PEFC quality products.

Ply is ideal for roofing, flooring, hoardings and walls. Different varieties of original timber are used, making the various types of ply suitable for different purposes. We can supply softwood, hardwood, marine, birch faced and framework MDO plywood.