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Hardwood plywood is known for its durability in external applications. It has a smooth paint grade finish and can be used in most internal and external applications provided the boards are sealed to stop the ingress of water into the end grain.

Hardwood Plywood panels are predominantly from China and Malaysia.

In our Chinese Hardwood Plywood, we offer Poplar Core and a Hardwood Throughout panel. Chinese Hardwood Faced Panels offer a good quality face veneer and the poplar core makes the plywood lighter than similar panels con¬structed of other hardwoods. The surface is good for painting and veneering. We can also offer hard¬wood throughout panels from China for applications re¬quiring a stronger product.

We also have Malaysian Hardwood Throughout products available. Far Eastern plywood products are generally made from tropical hardwood and are manufactured in Malaysia or Indonesia.

In our Hardwood Plywood, we keep a range of thicknesses from 3.6mm - 25mm.