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Performance Plywood

Performance Plywood

The timber trade have been vocal about their concerns over their ability to source marine plywood that meets the BS1088 standard. We believe that a marine product that does meet the standard will be too costly for the applications that the product is regularly required for.

The H Range Performance Plywood is a reliable alternative to Marine Plywood, offering full classification and performance in all conditions. Performance Plywood is generally used in the construction industry, and all other uses that require compliance with exterior classification standards.

  • Glue bond: EN314-2 Class 3 (Exterior)
  • Formaldehyde release: 0.21-0.23 mg/m2h - Class E1 (Tested to EN 717-2)
  • Moisture content: 10% (±2)
  • Veneers: High Quality Face and Core
  • European Timber Regulation (EUTR) status: Compliant
  • CE Marked: BS EN 13986
  • Chain of Custody: FSC® Certified – FSC 100%

  • Performance Plywood is tested and certified to meet EN 636 Service Class 3, making it suitable for use in structural components in exterior conditions.

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