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The Relazzo Collection

RELAZZO, REHAU’s Wood Polymer Composite (WPC), is the new natural material for high-quality decking. This innovative material allows a modern, natural and luxurious look combined with a pleasant barefoot feel. The finely crafted decking board, produced in Austria, have high stability, longevity and sustainability. RELAZZO consists of unused wood residues combined with environmentally friendly high quality polymers, contributing to a sustainable environment.

RELAZZO looks like wood, feels like wood and can be processed like wood! REHAU offers a full system solution, from sub structure to finishing touches like step solutions and edging to guarantee and match the high-quality standards expected.

    The benefits of Rehau composite decking:
  • Extremely slip resistant
  • No need to sand, paint or apply oil
  • No splintering, cracking
  • Easy to maintain and clean

With its exceptional stability, a pleasant barefoot feel and colours that do not fade, composite decking can be enjoyed for years to come with very little maintenance.

MGM Timber stock the PURO and NATURO ranges of the Relazzo collection Composite Decking."

Composite Decking
Composite Decking
Composite Decking