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Timber Engineering

Through our sister company Donaldson Timber Engineering Ltd (DTE), we supply a full range of engineered timber products, and can deliver direct to site, ‘just in time’.

DTE provides the full package in terms of timber engineering, with dedicated design technicians and an in-house engineer, fully supported by MiTek and Finnforest, to ensure the best products and service. And, as DTE’s products are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and pre-site sized, you get guaranteed consistent quality and on-site waste is kept to a minimum.

All DTE products are made using PEFC certified timber.

We Supply:

Roof Trusses

  • Flexible and practical
  • Precision cut which removes wastage
  • Reduced labour costs on site due to the amount of pre-fabrication
  • Trusses use 40-50% less timber than traditional cut roofs, which not only reduces their environmental impact, but makes them lighter as well as strong
  • Unrivalled speed of construction
  • Space saving on site as trusses can be delivered ‘just in time’


  • Use 50% less raw material than comparable sawn timber
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Available in long lengths
  • When specified for wall and roof applications, I-beams help cater for thicker insulation, creating extremely energy-efficient buildings with lower U-values

Open Web Joists

  • Lightweight, strong and easy to install
  • The lightness of timber with the strength of a steel web
  • Virtually eliminates floor movement, splitting and warping
  • Can incorporate modern ventilation and heat recycling systems, which can help to achieve higher CSH levels
  • Eliminates costly cutting and drilling when installing services due to the open web design
  • Can be used for flat and pitched

Floor Panels

  • Dramatically speeds up the erection process manufactured with lifting straps for ease of transportation and application
  • Improved on-site safety as cassettes are pre-slung, crane-erected and predecked
  • Eliminates on-site waste
  • Manufactured using I-beams or open web joists to meet customer requirements

Spandrel Panels

  • Spandrel panels are structural timber frame panels made to the profile of the roof, forming the party and/or gable walls. Supplied and installed with the roof trusses, spandrels provide a dividing wall, suitable for all standard forms of construction
  • A time saving alternative to building up masonry walls
  • Reduces costs and minimises waste
  • Spandrels are lowered into position along with the roof trusses, so that they create a finished product straightaway and other work can continue

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