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Strength Graded

Our exceptional quality whitewood constructional timbers are regularised, kiln-dried, structurally-graded, and treated.

This high performance, solid, constructional timber is dimensionally stable, and an ideal solution for many construction challenges, including timber frame construction and load bearing applications.

This product is of a very high quality in terms of both design and appearance. The timber is machined to uniform dimensions and has a smooth sawn surface. This improves not only the aesthetics of the product, but makes handling and construction much easier.

We stock both imported Scandinavian softwoods, and home-grown British softwoods in C16 and C24 strength grades.

Our whitewood graded constructional timbers are available in a wide range of lengths and sizes.

Sizes available:

Strength Grade
Size (mm) thick x width C16 C24 Treated
45x45 tick
45x70 tick tick
45x95 tick tick
45x120 tick tick tick
45x140 tick tick tick
45x145 tick tick tick
45x170 tick tick tick
45x220 tick tick tick