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The future of decking

Perform Decking - capped composite decking is the new, smart choice for a beautiful, practical and highly durable outdoor living space.

Combining the natural appearance and texture of wood with the maintenance-free durability of advanced, engineered composite, Perform Decking will look and feel great for decades.

Sustainable production + natural look & feel

Perform Decking is finished with an attractive, timber-like surface grain, in three natural colours. It even feels good under bare feet!

Easy to cut and install

You can fit versatile Perform Decking practically anywhere, with minimal waste.

Outstanding durability

Perform Decking resists fading from UV light, and its impervious to insects and other pests.

Minimal maintenance

An occasional wipe down with a mop is all Perform Decking ever needs.


No hazardous materials - such as benzene or formaldehyde - are used in the Perform Decking manufacturing process.

An established, UK based family business

Perform Decking is brought to you by the Donaldson Group, a family of businesses serving the construction industry since 1860.

Exceptional value

High-performance Perform Decking may cost a little more than traditional decking, but its exceptional durability and low maintenance guarantee fantastic long-term value.

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Showing 12 out of 1258 Products

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