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Bathroom Wall Panels

At MGM we supply a selection of decorative wet wall panels which are versatile, robust, practical, and modern. The high-quality laminate wall panels are suitable for various internal applications within both domestic and commercial environments.

These premium grade laminate panel boards can be installed in various indoor environments for both domestic and professional buildings.

This includes our Fibo and Perform Panel ranges which offer innovative, hygienic, waterproof, easy to install and cost-effective wet wall panel solutions.


Wet panel products are the fast and sustainable alternative to tiling for bathroom renovation. You have a new bathroom in two days, without cutting and demolition work and without having to plaster or tile, and therefore without the associated inconvenience.

Because of the simple and fast processing, Perform Panels are highly cost-effective, and with more than 200 types of decors, the panels fit into every bathroom interior.

The ready-made panels have a convenient, waterproof, click connection and can be easily installed over existing tiling. The old tiling does not have to be removed, which means far less renovation inconvenience. 


With Perform Panel,  there's no need to use grout or shower tiles. Installing tiling in a bathroom is a tedious process, and laying ceramic tiling demands a lot of effort, time and skill.

You have to space the tiles perfectly to level and grout uniformly. If you need to reinstall your bathroom flooring, shower, and backsplash, this makes the process much more painstaking and even more time-consuming.

Perform Panel is perfect for a quick refurbishment of the bathroom or shower corner. Old tiles or other surfaces do not have to be removed beforehand, and there is no longer any need for long drying times, such as with plaster.


Have a look at some of the great options that we offer:


The grout can chip and fall off with time if you've got a tiled bathroom. Or the tiling can adopt a grubby look over time and can be really hard to keep clean.

When you choose wall panelling for wet rooms, there's no need to bother about grout. Ditch your scrubbing brush and instead go for sleek, low-maintenance panelling on the wall.


So maybe you're not sure if wet panel products would be a good idea for the job. Maybe you've got another enquiry. Whatever the question, just get in touch with us, and one of our dedicated customer advisers will be happy to talk through your options.

We deliver your wet panel products straight to the kerbside. Our dedicated delivery service makes sure your chosen items are swiftly dispatched and delivered safely. So don't worry about loading up your vehicle with all that heavy cargo.

At MGM Timber, we know that the only way to guarantee the perfect solution for the customer is to listen to the customer's demands.

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