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Summer 2023 Kitchen Trends

Summer 2023 Kitchen Trends
24 May 2023 33 view(s)
Summer 2023 Kitchen Trends

With summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to revamp your kitchen to give it that seasonal update. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to upgrade your existing kitchen or designing a new one from scratch, here are our predictions for upcoming trends to help you stay ahead of the curve.


Statement Lighting

German kitchen design featuring statement lighting


In 2023, we are steering away from simple spotlighting and utilising more statement lighting styles to create visual interest in our kitchens. For those who don't have a lot of natural light in their homes, clever kitchen lighting is an easy and affordable way to add instant "wow" factor. Whether it's an intricately designed pendant light, an industrial-style wall sconce, or a stunning chandelier, statement lighting can give any kitchen the perfect finishing touch.

If you're looking to really turn heads, consider incorporating accent lighting, too. Adding some interesting task lighting, or even mood lighting, will transform any kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whether you decide to go for something modern and minimalist or a classic, glamorous look, statement lighting in the kitchen will make the perfect focal point for your space. Add the perfect lighting, and your kitchen will be a place where you'll love to spend time!



Boiling Water Taps

Blanco tampera 3-in-1 hot water tap


Gone are the days of waiting around for kettles to boil. Thanks to boiling taps becoming more and more affordable to have in our kitchens, we can now have instant boiling hot water at our fingertips, which saves time and effort when preparing drinks and meals.

As well as providing us with convenience in the kitchen, boiling taps can also reduce energy usage, as the tank under the sink heats the water rather than boiling it all the time.

So, whether it be to add convenience in the kitchen or to reduce energy consumption, we see boiling tap becoming a must-have in new kitchens this Summer.


Walk-Through Pantries


If you’re looking for an organized, efficient and stylish way to maximize the use of your kitchen, then a walk-through pantry is just what you need. This type of pantry setup is gaining popularity as not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it also offers a multitude of practical benefits that are perfect for both avid cooks and casual eaters alike.

A walk-through pantry allows you to keep food items organized and easily accessible, while also freeing up worktop space. This allows for convenience as well as makes it much easier to see what you have available when you are making meals or going grocery shopping – helping to prevent food waste. It is, therefore, no surprise that those with the available space are opting to add this style of pantry to their kitchen design.

Concealed Storage & Appliances

Pull-out larder cabinet


For those with less available space, organising the kitchen is often a daunting task. But there is a way to keep everything tucked away without sacrificing style – hidden storage in the kitchen.

Hidden storage allows you to store away everything you need while keeping it out of sight and adding to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. It can be tucked away in nooks, underneath the counters, behind cabinet doors, and even within cabinetry. Concealing your kitchenware, food, and appliances will help create a cleaner and more organized look, without compromising on the style you want. This is why we believe utilising hidden storage is a must in all new kitchen designs.



Banquette Seating

Banquette seating kitchen design


recent years, kitchens have become more than just a cooking/dining area. They have adapted to become entertainment spaces, classrooms, and home offices. As such, design choices have begun accommodating for this and banquette seating designs are perfect for this purpose.

Banquette seating offers a casual integrated social space that can double as a comfortable spot to work from home and triple as a perfect place for kids to do their homework - where parents can keep an eye while they cook. It, also, integrates in a way that takes up much less space than a traditional dining area, making it another great space saving solution. It is, therefore, no surprise that we foresee many people choosing to incorporate this feature into their kitchen spaces.



If you are interest in creating your new dream kitchen this Summer, visit one of our 12 showrooms across Scotland for more inspiration or book an appointment with one of our expert designers to start making that dream a reality.


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