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Top 6 things to consider when planning a new kitchen

Top 6 things to consider when planning a new kitchen
22 June 2021 14 view(s)
Top 6 things to consider when planning a new kitchen

It’s often said that the kitchen is the most expensive room of any property and will add value to your home according to Houzz. It’s estimated that a new kitchen will improve your property’s market value by up to 6%. New kitchens are a significant investment, and because of this, German engineered kitchens will never compromise on design or functionality.

Our German kitchen brand, Bauformat represents the latest developments in German kitchen design and offers a unique combination of both contemporary styles and traditional style kitchens to give you the flexibility to create the perfect kitchen for you.

When starting to think about or plan a new kitchen, our team of kitchen designers recommend considering the following factors to ensure the new space is exactly what you’ve been dreaming about and most importantly, within your budget.


  • Before jumping in and thinking about your new cutting edge, state of the art kitchen design ideas, take some time to reflect on your existing kitchen and what you like/ dislike about it. Pinpointing this will help you to decide what you want for your new design and what the old one is lacking. Start by thinking about what you currently like and would want to keep when creating your new kitchen and then list the things you don’t currently have but would like. For example, do you lack storage space and find your kitchen disorganised and cluttered? Or would you like a more modern design? Opting for additional worktop space is a popular way to make more space, and one that our designers see often.


  • Another important factor of course is your budget! You have to strike a balance between your dream kitchen and the reality of what you can afford to/ are willing to pay for it. Knowing your budget will help your designer to create your dream kitchen within your price range. This will ensure you get what you want, and hopefully with some extras you didn’t even think of or know you needed.


  • The oven, hob and microwave are vital parts of any kitchen and are used daily. Consider where you want to locate these to allow for the best use of the space you have. We recommend avoiding places these appliances in tight spaces such as corners to ensure you can access them safely and easily.

Open oven


  • Kitchen storage – the most common priority we see customers looking for more of in a new kitchen layout. Storage solutions will make a big impact on how you use and navigate your kitchen while making the best use of the space available. For example, we can offer a variety of space saving solutions including Le Mans corners, space tower larders, open shelving, deep drawers and utility storage options.

Storage inside a kitchen

Corner drawers

  • Consider lighting. The right type of lighting can add the finishing touch to a minimalist space and brighten up a small kitchen. Lighting is often used to accentuate parts of your modern kitchen design, create the right ambience and is even as a decorate feature to show off your favourite glass wear.


  • Waste management systems are a relatively new concept in kitchen design. These are often not integrated into older kitchens but can provide huge benefit when installed in your new kitchen. Integrated kitchen bins are a great way to keep your kitchen space clean and hygienic, and provide a hidden space to store waste. There are several options to choose from, including ones with multiple compartments to make recycling easier and more efficient.

We understand that choosing your dream kitchen can be overwhelming, and therefore our team of experienced designers are on hand to guide and advise you at every stage of the journey. From German design ideas, to functionality, kitchen appliances and storage options, we will help you bring your dream kitchen to life with quality materials.

Book your free kitchen design consultation at your local MGM Timber branch here.

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