Internal Doors

MGM Timber has been supplying Scotland with high-quality timber products since 1991. Internal doors are one of many different products we stock. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to timber.

Not only do we aim to stock the best of the best from leading industry brands, but we also ensure all the products we stock are made from sustainable, certified timber. 

When you opt to source your internal doors from us, you are opting to do business with a reputable supplier that cares a great deal about the environment.


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Internal Door Sizes

Internal doors are used to separate different internal rooms within a home or commercial premises. They help create and structure a floor plan as well as offer privacy for certain rooms; such as a bathroom or bedroom.

In other rooms such as kitchens they can also offer fire protection if you opt to install a fire resistant door.

Doors come in a variety of sizes horizontally. Vertically most doors will have the same height for internal use. Here are some different size options we supply:

  • 1981x610x35mm
  • 1981x686x35mm
  • 1981x762x35mm
  • 1981x838x35mm

And many, many more. Browse now to find your ideal size.

Our Internal Doors

We are proud to offer your project a wide variety of doors of all shapes, sizes, and colours. We aim to provide every customer with the door they need to complete their project the way they envision.

We provide doors made from oak to ash, black to white, with built-in glass panes, or doors that come unfinished for a more custom approach.

Just take a look at some of the exceptional internal doors we have to offer your project:

Why Choose Us?

MGM Timber is all about supplying excellent products coupled with customer service to match. We aim to make every customer happy and help you complete your project the way it's meant to be completed.

We are all about providing the best products in the industry, and our industry pedigree with the Donaldson Group helps us accomplish that.

In addition, we like to remain environmentally friendly in all the business we do as timber merchants. To do so, we have implemented a range of policies and practices to keep our carbon footprint down and our sourcing of timber sustainable.

We are just as serious about our sustainability goals as we are about providing high-quality products.

Get Your Products Your Way

Want to pick your products up at one of our local branches? If not, these branches are situated at 14 strategic locations up and down Scotland to ensure we have a punctual, effective distribution chain for our delivery system.

If you want delivery, we can deliver right to your kerbside. And it gets even better; if your order exceeds £300 in value, then delivery is on us.

Talk With MGM Timber's Experts

Are you looking for a specific size or brand of door? Or maybe you have questions about our services? Whatever you need to be answered, our experts are ready and waiting to assist.

Reach out now and have a chat. Let's get you sorted!


FAQs About Internal Doors

How do you fit internal doors?

There are a few key stages involved with fitting an internal door:

  1. Measure the width and height of the wood frame to ensure your new door is the correct size before ordering.
  2. If replacing an existing door, remove the old one from its hinges and place the new one into the frame. Ensure that it is level and flush with the frame.
  3. Attach the hinges to the door and the frame, securing it in place. Install a doorknob or handle if you wish.
  4. Install trims or doorstops as necessary.

If your door does not fit the frame, you may need to trim the top or bottom of the door and adjust the hinges to ensure the door opens and closes properly.


How do you paint internal doors?

Begin with a clean, smooth surface for painting on an internal door that has not been pre-finished. To achieve this, sand your door to ensure it is smooth – with as little texture as possible on the wood’s surface.

Next, apply a primer to your wooden door. A primer will help give your paint something to adhere to and ensure a premium finish.

Once the primer has fully dried, you can go ahead and apply your paint. You may require several coats to get your desired finish.


What type of wood are internal doors made from?

Internal doors can be made from various woods, including oak, pine, mahogany, birch, cherry and maple.

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