Meranti Mouldings

Malaysian dark red Meranti is an attractive hardwood, with the colour varying from pale pink/white to dark red/purple. Due to its colouring, meranti is often used as a ‘false mahogany’ for products such as windows, conservatories, and doors.

Meranti is one of the cheaper generic hardwoods, but it still offers the quality, strength, and luxurious appearance of hardwood.

If you’re looking for the best quality Meranti mouldings, then MGM Timber is the right place for you. We’ve been supplying sustainable, high-quality timber to the UK since 1991.

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Quality Supplies From A Trusted Merchant

We are proud to say we’re the leading independent timber supplier in Scotland, thanks to the superior standard of our wood products and the excellent customer care we provide.

MGM Timber only stocks timber that is certified. We’re delighted to say we’re also certified by the leading UKAS accreditation board, CATG.

So, whatever your decor or budget you’re sure to find Meranti moulding that does the job and looks great.

Stylish Meranti Mouldings

Meranti wooden mouldings are not only timelessly chic but also easy to care for and durable.  MGM Timber offers a large selection of beautiful wooden mouldings made of Meranti. We source only the best quality Meranti timber, and you’ll recognise it for its excellent grain and sturdiness.

You can use Meranti for all manners of interior and exterior purposes, such as windows, ceilings, door frames, and shelves.

Our Meranti Wood Mouldings

Take a look at some of the Meranti mouldings we stock. We believe you’re sure to find the right product to really compliment your interior design.

  • 12x45mm Certified Hardwood Dressed Timber: Stunning timber with consistent and excellent grain. A great choice for both DIY and large construction tasks. Suited to both exterior and interior work, these mouldings are built to last and come in beautiful, natural colours.
  • 20x240mm Hardwood Bullnosed Cill: Our machined Red Hardwood (Meranti) comes as a medium-durable material and has great strength characteristics. Being a natural wood product, the colour can range from deep brown to rich red, with typically an interlocking texture and rough structure.

Hardwoods are perfect for both exterior and interior applications. It is suitable for the manufacture of furniture or for the construction industry, for instance.

Meranti Wood UK

Meranti wood belongs to the group of tropical hardwoods that originate in Southeast Asia. This wood grows predominantly in the dipterocarp forests. It is mainly used as veneer, sawn or profiled wood.

The warm reddish-brown of the freshly cut heartwood contrasts clearly with yellow-grey sapwood. Meranti's beautiful appearance is characterised by a gorgeous grain with alternating twists.

Meranti Wood That Lasts

Its high resistance makes it ideal for outdoor and indoor uses. Meranti is very hard-wearing, has no or very few knots, and its low water absorption prevents cracking.

Window mouldings play a major role in shaping the exterior façade of a house and greatly influence the ambience the house has on the inside.

Interiors made of Meranti always look warm and inviting and can be combined with any architectural style - from modern to rustic.

Choose The Best From Meranti Wood

Which one you choose depends on your taste and use case. Meranti with a smooth face has a sleek look, but then a grooved face has a rustic aesthetic that's fashionable too. All Meranti products from MGM timber are chosen for its resilience and look.

Why not have a look at our 20x195mm Hardwood Dressed Meranti hardwood? This is a Meranti that boasts medium grade durability and great structural characteristics.

Being a natural wood product, the colour may differ between deep brown and rich red, usually with a toothed texture and a grooved effect. It’s a hardwood that’s perfect for interior and exterior purposes.

We'll Help You Choose

We understand that investing in the right wood is a big decision. That's why here at MGM Timber, we're not just your retailer but the experts you can turn to talk about your choices.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page that we've composed to try and answer common queries. You'll be pleased to hear about our dedicated delivery service that gets the timber products you love straight to your door.

We'll happily listen to your requirements and suggest a wood that suits you perfectly. Feel free to contact us at any time to get the ball rolling.

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