Loft Access Hatches

At MGM Timber, we are proud suppliers of excellent quality timber products and have been supplying Scotland since 1991. As a part of the stock we supply, we have a selection of loft hatches to choose from. Get the ideal hatch for your project today.

Don’t just settle for any old product from any old company. Choose to get a fantastic product from a company that has exemplary customer service and a delivery service that’s second to none. We care about every product and every customer. If you don’t leave happy, tell us, and we’ll make sure that you do.


Our Loft Hatches

A hole in the ceiling doesn’t exactly look appealing. Neither does a hatch that doesn’t fit or is well past its time. Having a high-quality hatch is about more than aesthetics, though; it serves a very important purpose of keeping your ceiling spaces secure with a robust structure that won’t disappoint.

A brilliant hatch model to consider is the Glidevale AH5 Loft Access Hatch, which has a standard size of 680x520mm – not too big but not too compact either. The ideal size.

However, there’s more to this hatch than a decent size and good looks. This model of loft hatch has its door made from injection-moulded polypropylene; a great material choice for a strong, high-quality hatch. Additionally, the hatch has been fitted with an insulation infill to keep heat in, therefore helping to reduce energy costs.

And for those who need intelligent hatch design, this model comes with twin latches that hold the door against the closed-cell gaskets. Source only the best with us here at MGM Timber.


Why Choose MGM Timber For A Loft Hatch And Ladder?

At MGM Timber, we are more than just a timber merchant. We strive for excellence where sustainability is concerned. All our timber products – hatches included - are sourced sustainably. 

When you source your products from us for your projects, you are sourcing from a responsible supplier that cares a great deal about the environment.

We have implemented a host of environmental policiesacross our branches and distribution network nationwide, all with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint. And this environmentally conscious focus is a core value of the wider Donaldson Group that MGM Timber is a member of.


Our Sterling Delivery Service

Did you know we have 14 strategic locations for our branches situated across Scotland? And it is because of this that we are able to provide a sterling kerbside delivery service to mainland Scotland. Our distribution network is as vast as it is efficient.

But it gets better. If your order is £300 in value, then you qualify for FREE DELIVERY. 


Reach Out To Our Timber Specialists

Feel free to reach out to our timber specialists, who are more than happy to assist you with whatever questions you need answered.

With a pedigree stretching back over 160 years with the Donaldson Group, there’s very little we can’t help you with.

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