MGM Timber is Scotland’s leading timber merchant, and we are happy to provide materials such as chipboard flooring. All the products we supply are certified, of exceptional quality and reliable. Need something specific? Our timber experts can cut to size for your project.

We are all about sterling customer service you won’t get anywhere else.

At MGM Timber, we are CATG certified. We care about sustainability in all the timber we provide. When you source timber from us, you’ll know that it has been harvested in an environmentally friendly way to ensure the future of our forests.

And when the time comes to get your timber products to you, our excellent distribution network will get them to your kerbside.

Make sourcing your timber straightforward, punctual and easy with us.

Our Chipboard Flooring

Chipboard flooring is a versatile product that can be used for various applications, including new build projects, extensions, and used as a subfloor and as a secondary layer of flooring.

We are proud to stock some of the best brands in the timber industry to provide our customers with a brilliant selection of products – no matter if it is a home DIY project or a huge commercial trade project.

The Chipboard Flooring Sheets We Stock

Here are just some of the excellent chipboard flooring sheets that we have available: 

  • 22x2400x600mm CaberFloor Flooring – an exceptionally strong sheet for a range of different applications, this high-strength particleboard has been engineered to be moisture resistant. It is available in 18mm or 22mm thickness.
  • 22x2400x600mm CaberDek Flooring – a brilliant choice of a sheet for new constructions, CaberDek features a tough, waterproof, slip-resistant film that’s able to withstand the elements for over a month (up to 42 days).

Chipboard Flooring Sizes

When it comes to chipboard flooring sizes, we aim to stock a variety of the most common sizes you’ll find in the UK. We stock:

  • 22x2400x600mm
  • 18x2400x600mm

If you are in need of a less common size, or something more particular, get in touch, and we’ll see how best we can help you.

Why Choose Us For Chipboard Flooring Packs?

MGM Timber keeps all our business operations as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. To keep us right, we have implemented a host of policies and practices that we apply to every step of our sourcing chain from forest to shelf. Additionally, we are consistently reviewing how we can cut our carbon footprint.

 We’ve been dealing in timber since 1991, and since our inception as a company, sustainability has always been at the forefront of what we do. And our umbrella company – the Donaldson Group – has been in the industry for over 160 years.

This wealth of experience is realised in our products and services.

Get Your Chipboard Flooring Panels Your Way

Did you know we have branches in 14 strategic locations across Scotland? This allows us to deliver our stellar products through an effective distribution chain to your kerbside.

And if your order exceeds £300 in value, you get this great delivery fulfilment service for FREE.

Reach Out To MGM Timber Now

Got questions about the chipboard flooring we supply? Then reach out to us; we are more than happy to assist you in getting precisely what you need.

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