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8mm Laminate Flooring

As one of Scotland’s top timber suppliers, we have a wide range of premium 8mm laminate flooring to offer. Our range is ethically certified, robust, and designed to elevate any space. Shop from our selection below or check out your nearest branch if you’d like to have a look for yourself.

Our range of 8mm oak laminate flooring includes a wide choice of finishes, from light white and grey hues to deep nutmeg tones:

All of our products are easy to install, and we have options that are water-resistant or compatible with underfloor heating. We are so confident in the quality of our flooring that every item comes with a 20-year guarantee. Shop high-quality 8mm-thick laminate flooring at affordable prices today.

Types of 8mm Laminate Flooring Options Available

We stock two main brands of premium 8mm laminate flooring options:

Both our Elka and Quick-Step 8mm laminate flooring is available in a wide range of finishes to ensure you have what you need for your project. If you are looking for a different thickness for your project, we also stock laminate flooring in the following sizes:

Need more than laminate? We can also provide our customers with authentic solid wood flooring, real wood engineered flooring, and vinyl options.

Shop 8mm Laminate Online or In-Store

Not sure what style, size, or type of flooring will suit your interior? Get in touch with our friendly support team. You can also find your nearest branch to view our range in-store.


Is 8mm laminate flooring thick enough?

8mm laminate floors are the most commonly used. It is thick enough to ensure a smooth surface without being too thick and causing fitting issues. Always measure beforehand to avoid running into issues.

Does 8mm laminate flooring need underlayment?

Yes, underlayment is highly recommended for 8mm laminate floors. Typically, this will be between 3 to 5mm thick and should be taken into account when calculating the final thickness.

How long does 8mm laminate flooring last?

8mm laminate flooring typically can last anywhere between 15 to 25 years. With proper care, we find that our high-quality flooring can last much longer!

Advantages of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is popular not only because it's perennially fashionable but in a practical sense. It combines many positive properties. It is quick and easy to lay on almost any subfloor and is ideal for renovating and modernising living spaces because of its low installation height.

If you have already decided on laminate, you'll find our huge array of laminate products will contain the ideal flooring that suits you. We offer a twenty-year warranty as a testament to the build quality of the laminate flooring we procure from trusted manufacturers.

All kinds of materials and patterns

How about herringbone laminate, whose pattern is based on the arrangement of bones and is one of the highest quality patterns? Laminate flooring modelled on ship's decking, i.e., where darker and lighter plank sections alternate, also sets classy accents in the room.

Just have a look at some options that are currently available:

MGM Timber is also one of the UK's leading Elka laminate flooring stockists, so have a look and find the right flooring for you - the Elka toasted oak laminate flooring is our favourite. Elka laminate flooring in the UK is cheaper than on the European continent, thanks to a more streamlined production process.

If you're looking for something different, remember to take a look through our other categories, including:

Make sure to also visit our news section, which is frequently updated with helpful guides. Read our comparison between laminate flooring vs vinyl flooring for an office today.

Which laminate for which rooms?

If you have dogs, you should choose laminate flooring with an extra resistant surface against scratches - we can advise you on that. Would you rather have a smooth surface or an embossed surface that mimics the wood grain? You'll find solutions in our incredible range of laminate products, and when it arrives, we're always happy to answer questions on how to start laying laminate flooring.

Laminate floor usage

A floor covering is subjected to different levels of wear and tear, more in residential areas than in commercial areas and to different degrees in different rooms. The more abrasion-resistant the wear layer is, the more the laminate flooring can withstand higher levels of wear and tear.

Choose laminate flooring from MGM Timber

We guarantee laminate flooring at a permanently competitive price. Order your laminate flooring conveniently online from MGM Timber and have it delivered to your home quickly and easily. We have an array of sizes to choose from, including 8mm laminate flooring, 9mm laminate flooring, 9.5mm laminate flooring and 12mm laminate flooring.

You can also pick up products in store, click here to use our branch locator to find your nearest MGM Timber.

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