Vinyl Flooring

At MGM Timber, we offer a collection of luxury vinyl floors combining the natural look and feel of wood or stone, with the practical benefits of vinyl tiles. The vinyl flooring that we supply comes with all the necessary tools and accessories to install, finish, and maintain your vinyl floor quickly and easily.

All the products we supply are sustainable, and we are a CATG certified supplier. As well as this, we can get your desired products to you with our brilliantly efficient distribution network.

When deciding to buy products from us, you are deciding to choose a timber merchant that cares a great deal about the environment and the world’s forests.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Here at MGM Timber, we sell all kinds of vinyl plank flooring. Get the natural look and design aesthetic of wood while keeping the practical benefit that tiles can bring to a room. Invest in the best of both worlds!

We can offer Quick-step vinyl, Woodpecker Stratex, and Elka vinyl as our three primary brands for your projects: big or small.

We only stock high-quality, respectable brands of luxury vinyl flooring to ensure our customers get some of the very best vinyl available on the market.

Our Wide Range Of Products

We take a great amount of pride in the products we supply to our customers, such as: 

Why Choose To Go With MGM Timber?

We’ve been in the timber industry since 1991, supplying Scotland with high-grade timber products that are hard to match. And as a part of the Donaldson Group, we also have a wealth of experience in the industry stretching back across 160 years. 

But as a timber merchant, we are also very conscious about the environment and the potential impact we have on our trade. That is why we have gone to great efforts to implement policies and practices that keep our business as green as can be.

Get Your Vinyl Flooring Your Way

And what would fantastic vinyl flooring products be without a delivery service to match? Our excellent distribution network spanning 14 strategic locations across Scotland is able to offer kerbside delivery to your door.

Got a big order? Well, orders over £300 in value qualify for free delivery – so be sure to exploit this amazing deal!

Contact Us Now For Additional Info

If you have any questions about our products or services, then be sure to get in touch with our experts on our customer service team.

They are more than happy to answer a range of queries in relation to our trade.

FAQs About Vinyl Flooring

How do you fit vinyl flooring?

The first step in fitting your vinyl flooring will be to measure the room to determine how many vinyl planks you will need to complete your floor. The better your measurements are, the easier it will be to fit your flooring.

Next, prepare the subfloor by ensuring that any cracks or holes have been filled in and the surface is clean from debris and dust. Cut the vinyl planks to the correct size, leaving an extra inch or two on all sides.

Finally, lay out your vinyl flooring planks where you plan to adhere them. This will help you see if you have fit them correctly or if you need to go back and re-measure the space. 

How do you secure vinyl flooring?

Once you have measured and fit your vinyl flooring, you can secure it. The easiest way to do this is to use adhesive. Begin by applying the adhesive to the subfloor in small sections and laying the vinyl flooring down on top of it, smoothing any wrinkles or air bubbles as you go along.

Once your flooring is in place, you can trim the excess along the edges and install baseboard or moulding for a clean, professional finish.

How do you clean vinyl flooring?

There are a few ways to clean vinyl flooring. The first is general maintenance, such as brushing it down to remove any dirt or debris. For stains or spills, use a soft mop with a mix of mild detergent and warm water.

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Showing 12 out of 66 Products

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