Elka Vinyl

MGM Timber have been proudly supplying Scottish projects with premier timber and joinery products since 1991. We’ve been in the business a while and can supply our customers with excellent products such as Elka Vinyl Flooring for all their project needs.

As a part of the Donaldson Group, we have over 160 years of industry experience and we use this experience to bring you some of the best products on the market. We only stock top brands and great rates.


Our Elka Vinyl Flooring Sizes


When it comes to the selection of Elka vinyl flooring that we supply, we can provide the standard 4.2mm size for Elka flooring. This size is ideal for this style of vinyl flooring.


But we don’t just offer an ideal size for Elka’s flooring, we offer it in different styles to ensure that you get the perfect product for your living space – no matter what room you are deciding to overhaul.


Elka Luxury Vinyl Flooring


When you think of luxury flooring, you should think of Elka. Their spectacular range of vinyl flooring is a brilliant choice for any project. Not only is Elka durable and strong, it is stylish and suave.


Take a look at some of the Elka flooring options we supply:


Elka Classic Plank 4V Vinyl Flooring (Pecan Oak) – this flooring is perfect for capturing that authentic real wood look and feel with an exceptional attention to detail. If you want to go for that classic wooden aesthetic, this is the option for you.


Elka Classic Plank 4V Vinyl Flooring (School House Oak) – this style of Elka flooring is great for those who require a slightly darker wooden aesthetic for their flooring. This shade contrasts very well without being too bold.


Elka Classic Plank 4V Vinyl Flooring (Skylight Oak) – and for those who’d rather go for a brighter, lighter shade then the Skylight Oak shade is the shade for you. Get a soft, airy feel for your flooring.


Why Choose Us For Your Elka Luxury Vinyl Flooring?



Aside from providing one of the best selection of vinyl flooring – and Elka vinyl flooring – on the market, there are other reasons to choose us as your primary supplier.


At MGM Timber we have a core focus of remaining sustainable when we source all of our products. We strive for excellence and this is applicable to everything that we do, including remaining as environmentally friendly as possible.


If you’d like to know more about what we do for our day-to-day operations to stay as green as possible, you can read up on our environmental policies and practices. Keeping our carbon footprint as low as it can be is one of our primary goals.


A Reliable, Efficient Delivery Service


Did you know we have an incredible proficient delivery service operated by specialists? Our proficiency is in part due to our 14 strategic locations we chose to set up branches in across Scotland. This enables us to serve a wide variety of local communities while allowing for punctual delivery of products no matter where you live on Scotland’s mainland.


Better yet, if you spend £300 on your order, then we’ll cover the cost of delivering it to your kerbside. You can learn more about our delivery service here.


Have A Chat With Our Experts Now


Got a question that you need answered? No matter if it is about a specific product or one of our services, talk to us today, and we’ll see how best we can help you.

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