Quick-Step Vinyl

At MGM Timber, we’ve been supplying Scotland with premium timber products since 1991. We are proud to bring our customers high-grade products such as quick step vinyl flooring for a range of projects and applications.

Supplying some of the best timber-based products around is what we do best. We can supply you with everything you need with a customer-centric focus that is second to none. Get great products at brilliant rates.

Our Quick Step Vinyl Flooring Sizes

We endeavour to offer a range of sizes for our vinyl flooring to give you ample choice for your own project. We can offer sizes such as:

  • 4mm
  • 5mm
  • 6mm

Not only can we provide these sizes of quick step flooring, but we can also provide these sizes in a whole host of impressive stylistic options. Get your ideal flooring solution today!

Our Quick Step Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

We have a comprehensive variety of vinyl quick-step flooring that’s waterproof, water-resistant, and ideal for rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. But vinyl quick step is also a great option for any room of the house.

Here are just some of the great options we have to offer:

Quick-Step Autumn Oak Brown Vinyl Flooring - a great option for interiors that require a more traditional themed aesthetic. This natural design will look great in the home!

Quick-Step Oro Base Black Slate Vinyl Flooring – or for those homes that require darker tones, this option is perfect. Add the ideal contrast for your modern or minimalist design.

Why Choose Us For Your Vinyl Quick Step Flooring?

Aside from the impressive selection of vinyl quick step flooring we have to offer you, there are other reasons to choose MGM Timber.

For instance, we have over 160 years’ worth of experience behind us as a part of the Donaldson Group, which is hugely beneficial in all that we do. But we also care a great deal about our environmental impact and strive to be as green as possible.

Sourcing timber-based products sustainably – and this includes Quick Step Vinyl – is a core principle of ours.

We also have a range of policies and practices aimed at helping us achieve as low a carbon footprint as possible. 

Our Proficient Delivery Service

Our choice to situation MGM Timber branches at 14 strategic locations across Scotland helps us reach you with your products no matter where you are on Scotland’s mainland.

We can provide punctual and efficient kerbside delivery on all orders, and if your order meets or exceeds the value of £300, then you qualify for FREE delivery. 

Talk To Our Flooring Experts

Part of our customer-centric focus is providing comprehensive answers to any questions you may have about our products or services.

Our experts are waiting and ready to assist. Contact us now, and we’ll have a chat about what will best suit your needs.

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