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3600mm Fence Slats

MGM Timber has been at the forefront of the timber trade in Scotland for over 30 years, providing exceptional products to the Scottish people. Part of our exceptional range of products is our range of 360mm fence slats (12-foot fence slats).

When you source your timber fence slats from us, you’ll be buying reliable, robust, and strong timber that’s as cost-effective as it is affordable. Regardless of the scale or type of your project, our premium fence slats are usable in a whole host of applications.

Our decades of experience here at MGM Timber allows us to pick out the very best products for our customers.

Every single fence slat that we sell – including all our 3600mm (12-foot) slats – have been treated for use in external conditions. This means that they are able to resist wet conditions, rot, fungal attacks and insect attacks.

Browse and buy from our selection of high-end timber online or in-store now.

What Are 3600mm Fence Slats Used For?

A fence slat that is 3600mm (or 12-foot) can be used for a wide variety of fencing applications.

If used vertically, these fence slats are ideal for ensuring privacy in a back garden or security for a property.

If used horizontally, these 12-foot fence slats are brilliant for covering large areas, minimising the quantity of slats you’d need to buy for a project. For instance, creating a small fence to keep animals inside a garden.

Buying 3600mm fence slats is also a great way to cut down your fencing to an appropriate size, in the event that 8, 9, or 10-foot fence slats are needed. They are also great for custom fencing jobs that require wood to be cut into more unique shapes – as you’ll have plenty of timber to work with.

There’s no limit to how useful this size of fence slat can be.

Other Sizes Of Fence Slats

At MGM Timber, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of fencing slats. We also have available:

  • 19x100x900mm (3-foot fence slats)
  • 19x100x1200mm (4-foot fence slats)
  • 19x150x1800mm (6-foot fence slats)

Browse our full selection online now, or visit your local MGM Timber branch

Buy high-grade timber today.

Why Choose MGM Timber?

MGM Timber has a customer care focus at the core of everything we do. Every timber product we offer and every service we provide is designed to give our customers everything they need with nothing short of an exemplary level of customer service.

Remaining as sustainable as possible is also hugely important to us at MGM Timber, and we make sure every product we supply has been verified to have come from a PEFC® or FSC®-approved timber source.

As industry leaders in the timber trade, MGM Timber have a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to unsustainable timber sourcing. If interested, you can read more about everything we do for the environment by reading our environmental policy.

Deciding to choose MGM Timber for your products means choosing a timber merchant that is responsible while providing very competitive rates for high-quality timber.

Timely, Efficient Delivery For All Orders

A part of the exemplary service we provide at MGM Timber is our punctual delivery service, facilitated by our network of MGM Timber branches up and down the nation.

MGM Timber’s delivery operators will deliver your order to your kerbside anywhere in Scotland and if your order exceeds £300 in value, we’ll do it at no extra cost to you.

Acquiring the timber you need should be easy and with MGM Timber it is.

Talk To Our Customer Service Experts

If you need more information, feel free to contact our customer care team. MGM Timber are more than happy to answer any and all questions relating to our products or services.

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