Foil Insulation

When it comes to timber and joinery supplies, MGM Timber is Scotland’s leading supplier. We’ve been in business since 1991 and offer a wide variety of products, including foil insulation. 

All the products we stock are premium quality, and we supply these with competitive prices that are hard to beat.

Our customer-first focus assures every customer gets what they need for their project, no matter how niche it may be. Our customer service team is excellent at helping you get what you need, and our delivery service is both fast and efficient. 

 There’s a reason we are Scotland’s leading timber merchant!

Our Foil Insulation Types

There are two types of foil insulation used for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. The foil will usually come as rolls that can be cut to fit a range of project requirements.

The types of foil insulation most used for joinery projects are:

  • Multifoil insulation – used as stand-alone insulation for its thermal performance features. It is similar to thicker, traditional insulation.
  • Bubble wrap based foil – this kind of insulation is often used as an additional layer of insulation because it is more limited in thermal efficiency.

At MGM Timber, we can supply both types.

Why Choose Us For Your Insulation Roll?

MGM Timber has always been a customer-centric timber merchant. Our dedication to our customers lies in our goal to give every customer the attention they deserve. 

From advice on what product would be best for your situation to our range of exceptional services, we focus on providing an outstanding customer care experience.

Aside from our customer focus, we also strive to keep our day-to-day business operations as eco-friendly as possible. We care deeply about the environment and do everything we can to minimise our carbon footprint. We accomplish this through a series of policies and practices we employ in every branch and by only sourcing from sustainable and reputable suppliers.

You can read more about what we do for the environment by clicking here.

The Efficient Delivery Service We Provide

Did you know that we have a fantastic distribution network spanning 14 strategic branch locations up and down the length of Scotland? This helps us maintain a timely, effective, and proficient delivery service that can get your products to your kerbside – no matter where you live in mainland Scotland.

And as an added bonus, if your order is £300 or over, then we’ll cover the cost of delivery.

Talk To Our Customer Care Specialists Now

 Our customer care team is more than happy to answer any queries you may have about our services or products. They are highly knowledgeable about all the products we stock and are able to give you guidance on what product may be best for your requirements.

Reach out to our customer care specialists now, and we can talk about what product or service will best suit your needs.

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