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MGM Timber is Scotland’s leading supplier of timber and joinery supplies, and we’ve been supplying the nation since 1991. We offer a whole host of supplies, including high-quality insulation tape.

We strive to only provide premium products at affordable rates with a customer service experience that’s second to none. We can help you get exactly what you need from our extensive selection. We’ll have something for every project.

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Our Insulation Tape

The insulation tape that we offer is usable for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. They have been designed to be used with the Protect range of roofing underlays to reduce uncontrolled air leakage. They can also be used with timber frames, cladding membranes, and vapour control layers.

We can offer:

  • Protect Butyl (Nail) Sealing Tape – designed to form a moisture-type seal between Protect membranes and rafters and to seal membranes to masonry.
  • Protect VC Foil Tape –designed for sealing simple overlaps for VC Foil Ultra.
  • Protect Reveal Tape – designed to seal structural reveals of the building to the edge of window frames, in window or door reveals to maintain AVCL integrity and to seal wall to floor or wall to ceiling junctions.
  • Protect Double Sided Tape – for sealing laps of all membranes.
  • Protect Reinforced Universal Tape – designed as a general-purpose tape for sealing overlaps of all membranes.
  • Protect Reflective Reinforced Tape – designed for sealing overlaps of VC Foil, Ultra, TF200 Thermo and other membranes.

You can reach out to your local branch to find out more about the tape we offer and to get the product that you require.

Why Choose MGM Timber For Your Supplies?

We have always put the customer at the forefront of everything we do here at MGM Timber. We do our very best to ensure every customer walks away happy with the level of service they get and with their chosen product.

We are also a company that cares a lot about the sustainability of the products we offer and how we get them to you. We have implemented a host of changes over the years to ensure our business remains as green as it can be with distribution and that we only source from reputable, sustainable sources.

You can read all about everything we do for the environment by clicking here.

Proficient Delivery, Every Time

Thanks to our 14 strategic branch locations all over Scotland, we are able to provide fast, reliable, and efficient delivery of your products to your kerbside.

Our delivery service is tailored to you. Pick a date and time, and we’ll work to your schedule. Better yet, if your order is £300 or over, then delivery is completely FREE.

Reach Out To MGM Timber’s Experts Now

Got questions about our insulation tape or our services? At MGM Timber, we are more than happy to help. Our experts are highly knowledgeable about all the products we sell and the services we offer.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We are happy to help!

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