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Insulation Tapes

Protect sealing tapes have been developed to complement the Protect range of roofing underlays, timber frame/cladding membranes and vapour control layers, primarily to help reduce uncontrolled air leakage in both domestic and non-domestic buildings.


Sealing overlaps on wall and other membranes can contribute to reducing energy loss by air leakage.

Protect Reveal Tape – designed to seal structural reveals of the building to edge of window frames, in window and door reveals to maintain AVCL integrity and to seal wall to floor and wall to ceiling junctions.
Protect Double Sided Tape – for sealing laps of all membranes.
Protect Reflective Reinforced Tape – designed for sealing overlaps of VC Foil, Ultra, TF200 Thermo and other membranes.
Protect Reinforced Universal Tape – designed as a general purpose tape for sealing overlaps of all membranes.
Protect Butyl (Nail) Sealing Tape – designed to form a moisture type seal between Protect membranes and rafters and to seal membranes to masonry.
Protect VC Foil Tape –designed for sealing simple overlaps for VC Foil Ultra.

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