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Internal Doors

Beautiful internal doors are the finishing touches that can turn an ordinary interior into an extraordinary one and with a constant stream of new products our collection combines both up to the minute design with expert craftsmanship ensuring all our doors are built to last for years to come.

Internal Doors


Traditionally homes were built using imperial sizes, with the most common door being a standard 30”. However, depending on the builder and the space they had to work with some internal door openings were as unique as the houses themselves. Today more and more homes are built using the metric system and therefore our aim is to offer many variations to furnish every home.

There are many benefits in choosing a door with an engineered construction technique over a solid timber door. Probably the main reason is that timber is a natural product and a common characteristic of timber is to move or twist over time. By selecting an engineered door, it can prevent this from happening.

All our door designs come in a range of sizes and variations to cater for most homes across the country.

By only using A-Grade Timber within our doors it amplifies the natural beauty of the timber. Our collection of timber internal doors includes Oak, Pine and Walnut.

The vast majority of our internal door designs have glazed versions available in either clear, obscure or decorative glass.

With Chain of Custody certification available when you purchase a door you can be assured that they have been produced following ethical and responsible forestry practices.

Create a complementary look and style in any home with matching timber door lining kits, facings and skirting sets. Our collection of handle packs is designed to suit all interior styles and door designs.

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