MGM Timber, Scotland’s leading timber merchant, has everything that you need to create the perfect deck. Decking has great aesthetic potential, with its natural finish and endless design possibilities.

Decking is a cost-effective way of extending your home outdoors. It provides an excellent entertaining space; a perfect place to relax with a book; or a safe area for outdoor play. Find all the decking supplies you need online with us today.

Types Of Timber Decking

Many types of wood/timber can be used for decking with the right kind of treatment. However, the most common timber types used for decks are redwood, oak, Jarrah, and cedar.

Composite decking is also a common choice for a range of deck applications.

The Decking Boards We Stock

Due to the wide variety of timber types that can be used for decks, we stock a wide variety of products to ensure you walk away happy with what you need.

Here’s a small selection from our range of products:

You can also view other product ranges we have, including

You can also view our full selection of Landscaping products.

Why Choose To Go With MGM Timber?

MGM Timber is as a part of the Donaldson Group, with over 160 years of experience in the timber trade as merchants, we can provide expert advice on projects and the timber that would suit them best.

Additionally, we take a great amount of care when it comes to the environment and keeping our trading ethical. We care about where our timber comes from and implement green practices as a part of our everyday operations to protect our forests. 

Get Your Decking Your Way

When it comes to getting your order, our brilliant distribution network can facilitate kerbside delivery across mainland Scotland. Thanks to the strategic locations of our 14 regional branches – there is never a branch too far away from your project.

If you decide to get your order delivered, orders over £300 in value get free delivery.

So, even if you’d like to pop into a branch and pick up your order, we can arrange that too.

Remember to check our news hub, where you can find useful guides such as how to go about laying decking, or why composite decking is worth the investment.

Contact Us Now For More Info

You can always reach out to our sterling customer service team with an abundance of product and industry knowledge to assist you with any questions you have.

They are more than happy to help you out and give you advice on our products and our services.

FAQs About Decking

How To Clean Decking

Decking is reasonably easy to keep clean. You’ll need to use warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. Using warm soapy water, scrub the deck using a brush, and hose off any by-products.

Be sure to keep your deck dry after cleaning it during the winter months, to prevent it from freezing and becoming a slip hazard.

How Many Decking Boards Do I Need?

The number of decking boards you’ll need will depend on if you are building a deck from scratch or replacing decking boards.

When building a new deck, calculate the total surface area of the deck and divide this by the surface area of the decking boards you plan to use.

If replacing old boards, remove a board and measure its dimensions in order to find an appropriate replacement. You can then calculate how many you’ll need to buy to replace the boards you want to replace.

How Long Does Decking Last?

A timber deck can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years with regular maintenance and cleaning.

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