Fence Posts

MGM Timber has been a timber merchant for over 30 years, supplying top-grade timber products to Scotland, such as our range of fence posts. We supply the best brands in the industry and use our extensive experience to select only the best for our customers.

Purchase the fence posts you need today from our comprehensive selection.

We welcome trade and retail customers to our showrooms across Scotland and offer all of our superb timber products online for delivery.

Our goal is to provide exceptional timber that is cost-effective, affordable, and sustainable.

Our Sizes Of Fence Posts

No two fencing projects will ever be the same, which is why we offer our customers a wide selection of timber fence post sizes.

For fence posts, we supply:

With all kinds of sizes to choose from. Fence posts with different styles, such as square or rounded posts, are available.

Buy your ideal wooden post now!

Our Fence Posts Wooden Options

At MGM Timber, we have a huge variety of fencing supplies for all kinds of projects, such as:

Fence Posts Mix

No fencing project would be complete without a high-quality fence post mix. Our 20kg bag offers great value for money and comes ready for use. There’s no mixing required, just add water, and it will set posts in as quick as ten minutes!

This mix can also be used with metal or concrete posts, not just wooden fence posts.

Why Go With MGM Timber?

MGM Timber has always had a customer-centric focus and will provide every customer with exceptional service. We want every customer to walk away happy with their products and the prices they paid for them.

As an industry leader, we are also a responsible supplier of timber products, with all our timber products being certified either by FSC® or PEFC®.

We care greatly about the environmental impact our business can have, and you can learn about how we reduce this risk as much as possible by reading our environmental policy.

Products Delivered With You In Mind

We provide a timely and quick delivery service for all the products we supply, be it fence posts or any other product we provide.

Our strategically planned distribution network spanning 15 locations across Scotland helps us maintain this efficient delivery system.

You’ll also be glad to know that if you spend £300, then delivery is free!

Talk To Our Timber Experts Now

We have timber experts ready and willing to discuss your project and needs. Contact our experts now and purchase the timber you need today!

FAQs About Fence Posts 

How Deep Do Fence Posts Need To Be?

As a general rule of thumb, inserting ⅓ of the fence post height into the ground to secure it with concrete is best practice. For instance, a 6ft fence would require a 2ft hole secured with concrete mix and a 12ft fence would require a 4ft hole secured with concrete mix.

How Many Fence Posts Do I Need? 

The quantity of fence posts you’ll need will depend upon the overall size of your fence. As a rule of thumb, you should have a post every 6-8 ft along the fence's length.

How Long Do Wooden Fence Posts Last? 

If your fence posts are well maintained and treated, they can last up to 10-15 years. If you decide to leave your fence posts untreated, you can expect to get around 5 years of lifespan out of them.

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