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MGM Timber is Scotland’s leading timber merchant, and we don’t just supply timber; we provide general supplies too; such as chipboard flooring adhesive. 

All the products we supply are certified, sustainable, and reliable, including our accessories and general supplies.

When it comes to our chipboard, we are a supplier of certified products. Sustainability is a huge aspect of our business. When you source any product from us, you’ll know that we’ll do our level best to stay environmentally friendly.  

At MGM Timber, we supply everything you need to complete a project as a part of our customer care focus.  

Our Chipboard Flooring Adhesive 

Chipboard can be used in a whole range of commercial, industrial, and domestic applications due to its versatility, but to be used effectively, it needs to be joined with an adhesive. But you can’t just use any old adhesive, and you’ll want a product that will ensure the job is well done. 

We only choose to stock the best brands in the industry to give our customers a varied but premium selection, from glues to tapes and joints.

Adhesive For Chipboard Flooring That We Stock

Regarding adhesives, we stock both glues and tapes such as:

  • Norbord CaberFix D4 Adhesive (1kg) – this adhesive is a one-component polyurethane glue that’s solvent-free. It is ideal for use on CaberFloor, CaberDek, and CaberShieldPlus sheets.
  • Norbord CaberFix Cloth Tape – or if Norbord’s D4 adhesive isn’t right for your project, then why not use their adhesive cloth tape? Their tape is a polyethene-coated tape for sealing flooring panels and joints during construction. It can be used with CaberDek and CaberShield products.
  • Egger D4 Joint & Joist Adhesive – this unique D4 glue is five times stronger than a mechanical fixing and works through an expansive method of joining. 

 Still can’t find what you need to complete your project? Reach out to us, and we’ll see how best we can help you.

Why Choose Us For Adhesive?

Here at MGM Timber, we’ve been supplying Scotland with high-quality chipboard materials and products related to timber use - such as adhesives - since 1991. In addition, our parent company, the Donaldson Group, has been in the industry for over 160 years. 

All our experience goes into making sure we have the best products around and a customer care focus to match. Our experts can assist you wherever you may have doubts and help you select the right product for the job – adhesive or otherwise.

 We also have a huge ecocentric approach in all that we do. We keep our business sustainable and our branches’ carbon footprint as low as possible. We care about the environment, and you can read more about what we do here.

Get Your Adhesive For Chipboard Flooring Easily

Did you know we have branches in 14 strategic locations across Scotland? If you need an adhesive fast, there’s never a branch too far away from where you are.  

However, suppose you have a bigger order that includes adhesives and other products. In that case, our strategic branch locations allow us to deliver a wide range of products through our impressive distribution network.

And if your order exceeds £300 in value, you get FREE DELIVERY.

Reach Out To MGM Timber Now

Got questions about our adhesives? Reach out to us. Our experts are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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