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Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is an engineered wood-based sheet material designed to be strong, reliable, and versatile. Oriented Strand Board is structurally engineered for performance in many uses, particularly timber frame kit manufacture.

As a natural alternative to softwood plywood, it meets the same performance standards as plywood but is more cost-effective.

Our boards is sourced from well-managed forests in Scotland. Sustainability is at the forefront of our vision as a company. We're proud to bring you products that are procured with our environmental footprint in mind.

What Is Oriented Strand Board Used For?

Oriented strand boards can be applied to roof cladding for a natural roofing appearance. It is great for adding a more refined appearance to buildings, which can apply to roofs, walls, and floors.

MGM Timber sells an OSB that can withstand humid conditions, an important factor when considering what material to use. The products that we stock have also been treated to withstand fluctuations in air moisture.

Depending on your personal preference and tastes for flooring, oriented strand board may be a great option for flooring, although alternative flooring options include plywood, ceramic tile, and laminate hardwood flooring. A nicely finished floor made from OSB sheets will give your property a more natural touch.

Can I Always Use OSB Instead of Plywood?

Oriented Strand Board tends to be structurally denser than plywood. Since a plywood sheet consists of multiple large sheets of wood veneer, it is susceptible to warping knots and other defects (which, when aligned, can lead to slightly softer areas in the material).

OSB, by contrast, involves compressing up to fifty sheets of wood strands together to form a unified board of the identical thickness to plywood, producing a far denser resultant product.

There shouldn't be any difference in using it, although since it takes longer to dry out, you might want to avoid open-air construction in wet weather. Other than that, they are both rather interchangeable.

Is OSB Board Waterproof?

Our Oriented Strand Board number 3 uses waterproof binders specifically designed for use in damp areas with water and moisture-repellent surfaces. The strands wetted with glue resins are pressed under pressure and temperature into wood-based panels during production.

A thin film of adhesives and wood resin forms on the surface between the pressing plate OSB/3 panel when the panels are pressed.

Is OSB Good For The Environment?

These types of boards provide a multi-purpose, low-cost and eco-friendly option over plywood. It is produced by compressing precision-engineered timber strips with exterior resins at a high temperature to form an unbelievably strong and multi-purpose panel.

OSB/3 from MGM Timber is made of sustainable, quick-growing trees that can be replaced. There is no need to cut down that big, old oak tree for roof sheathing, wall sheathing, or other structural applications.

Contact Us To Find Out More

At MGM Timber we stock only the best OSB panels. Are you unsure if it is what you need? Maybe you need a specific order for your project or site? Whatever your question, we will be delighted to discuss how we will meet your requirements and at an affordable price too!

Our dedicated delivery service gets the products you need from our temperature-controlled premises straight to your door securely and swiftly. Let us do the work of moving that timber right to the kerbside!

Just get in touch with us today and we’ll get you the answers you need.

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