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Source premium quality plywood products from Scotland’s leading timber supplier. With over 160 years’ of experience in the industry, we supply only the best plywood, providing several excellent options in a wide range of sizes.

We pride ourselves on our above-and-beyond services that will provide customers with the right amount of plywood at a reasonable rate.

Our ethically sourced plywood can be delivered or picked up across Scotland due to our strategically situated branches and efficient distribution chain.

Our supplies can support trade customers needing plywood for a large commercial project to individuals doing a home revamp, we have you covered here at MGM Timber.

Our Plywood Products

We have products of very high quality, providing reliable durability for projects of all sizes.

Our plywood is used for everything from simple home decor to joinery or roofing projects.

Customers can take their pick from several high-quality plywood options, including some of the following:

You can also view more within our full range of sheet materials.

Buy with us for that perfect plywood for your project. Customers can also visit one of our 15 MGM Timber branches located across Scotland. We can provide custom cut plywood sizing if needed.

Choosing MGM For Your Plywood

As part of the Donaldson Group and as Scotland’s top supplier of timber, we provide excellent services that make it easy to access durable, high-quality plywood.

Customers will get a fair and consistent quote that will allow you to plan the costs of a project using our plywood. Having been in business since 1991, we are able to give you a highly accurate estimate for your project.

We only offer sustainably sourced plywood, and we aim to keep the forests intact so that we can continue to supply our excellent products. We take our timber seriously and have FSC® and PEFC® certifications.

If you're interested in a different product range, why not browse through:

Delivery Across Scotland

We can provide kerbside delivery across Scotland. So, no matter where a project is being carried out, we can be there, supplying customers with the plywood you need at a convenient time.

For orders over £300, our kerbside delivery services are free.

Want to take advantage of our delivery services? Don’t hesitate to contact your local branch to organise a time and place.

Contact MGM Timber Today

Contact us today to order plywood from a trusted and experienced supplier. We can provide a great rate, excellent products, and a service that makes the planning process of your project straightforward.

Visit our frequently asked questions if you have any queries about our services. If you require specific information about a product or order you can contact us directly or visit one of our branches to discuss it further.

FAQs About Plywood 

How Is Plywood Made? 

Plywood is a wooden material that is manufactured using layers of wood veneer. These layers of wood veneer are glued together, with each layer being rotated 90 degrees to give the sheet strength.

What Is Plywood Used For? 

Primarily, plywood is used in internal structural applications. This would be for partitions, flooring, ceilings, and sheathing.

Additionally, plywood can be used for furniture, shelving, cabinets, cladding and for doors.

Plywood graded for external use can be used for things such as outdoor furniture, crates, bins, and more.

What Is Marine Plywood? 

Marine plywood is a special type of plywood designed for use in environments that are wet, humid and prone to water exposure. Examples could be the kitchen or bathroom.

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Showing 12 out of 13 Products

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