Performance Plywood

As the premier timber supplier in Scotland, we’re delighted to provide Performance Plywood of the highest standard. The H Range Performance Plywood is a reliable alternative to Marine Plywood, offering full classification and performance in all conditions.

We deal only in top-quality timber products and our expert staff are always on hand to get you Performance Plywood and anything else you need.

We’re also certified by CATG, an accredited board in sustainable forestry. In business since 1991, we continue to lead the way in high-quality timber that proceeds with the environment in mind.

Leading Plywood Supplier In Scotland

MGM Timber stocks only the best plywood Scotland can procure from sustainable forests. Our products are of superior strength and durability.

With more than 160 years of experience as part of the Donaldson Group, we are able to provide great customer service. We have worked with both trade and DIY customers carrying out projects of all sizes.

We will make sure that all of our customers receive an above and beyond service and get just the supplies that they need. Call our team and let us know what you are planning, we’ll find the perfect performance plywood for the job.

Is Performance Plywood Right For You?

Clients will often come to MGM Timber and ask: what is the best plywood? The answer depends on the project at hand. We stock a few options for you to choose from:

Performance Plywood is the choice for the modern building trade whose job is to build new houses across the nation and new offices where people will work. Gone are the days of using Marine Plywood since this plywood was never intended for all the stresses of the contemporary building sector.

Options like the H range’s 18x2440x1220mm Certified Plywood offers durability and is ready for external use, providing moisture resistance.

There is a range of sizes available in our stock, so have a browse and see what option best suits your project.

There are other types of plywood we offer if you're looking for something different, including:

You can view more in our full range of sheet materials.

Performance Plywood That Lasts

Performance Plywood is proven hardwood plywood developed especially for building purposes.

This is plywood of real use in construction due to its reliability. So strong and durable is Performance Plywood that it can last many years without showing a hint of cracking, shrinking, or deformation.

There have been many tests across the years on this kind of plywood to ensure that it's as strong and resilient as implied. The result? A resounding yes. Proven strength that lasts.

Questions About Plywood

If you're unsure which plywood is for you or if you need a specific order of some of the best plywood around, get in touch, and we'll come up with a solution that meets your demands.

Don't forget we have a dedicated delivery service that guarantees the swift and secure delivery of your chosen timber straight to where you need it.

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