Sawn Timber

Striving to provide quality products is what MGM Timber has been doing for over 30 years. As Scotland’s leading timber supplier, we stock only the highest grade of timber products, and included in our extensive catalogue of products is our range of sawn timber.



Pop into one of our showrooms today to see our range of sawn timber in person, or browse our excellent variety online to find the ideal piece of sawn timber for your project. We welcome trade and retail customers and aim to get you only the best, premium products from top brands in the industry.


Our Sawn Timber Sizes

We’ve been providing timber to Scotland since 1991 and know that no two projects are ever the same. We supply a huge selection of different sizes to accommodate a whole host of different projects.

Our supply comes in but is not limited to timber sizes of:

  • 10x33mm
  • 19x38mm
  • 22x100mm
  • 22x150mm
  • 47x125mm
  • 25x50mm

Our in-store timber experts can even machine timber to size to ensure you get what you need.



Our Sawn Timber Options

But we don’t just offer different sizes of timber options here at MGM Timber; our sawn timber selection includes timber such as:

  • 25x50mm Certified Softwood Sawn Treated Timber (roofing batten) – This is a great option for those working on roofing on construction projects. This timber is designed for external use and is protected against the elements, fungal attacks, and insects.
  • 22x150mm Softwood Sawn Treated – This is another great option for projects that require timber for external use. Like all external timber, it has been pressure treated to protect against things like insects and fungal attacks.


Looking for other types of timber? Browse through our wide selection today, including:

Or look through our variety of product ranges, which include:


Why Choose MGM Timber?

We are industry leaders here in Scotland in providing sustainable, affordable, and cost-effective timber that’s robust. But besides our excellent product range, we aim to put the customer at the core of everything we do. Our timber experts will go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met and you walk away with the timber you need.

In addition, we only source our timber from FSC®-approved or PEFC®-approved suppliers, and we have carbon footprint reduction policies to keep our business as green as possible.

You can read more about everything we are doing for the environment by reading our environmental policy here.


Timber Delivered With Your Needs In Mind

Did you know we can offer a brilliant delivery service for all the timber products we supply? Get your timber to your kerbside anywhere in the Scottish mainland via our exemplary distribution network.

Our distribution network spans 14 strategic locations across the nation that help us meet the delivery needs of our customers, no matter where they are.

And if you spend £300, we’ll cover the cost of getting your products to you!



Reach Out And Talk To Us Now

Do you need more information about the types of timber we supply?

Our timber experts are more than happy to have a chat and figure out how best to help you. Get the ideal product for your project today!

Contact our experts now.




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