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Standard Grade MDF

MGM Timber is Scotland’s leading timber merchant and offers a variety of MDF as part of our product range. All our MDF products are of sterling quality and are certified as coming from sustainable sources. Better yet, if we don’t have a product size that you require, our timber experts can take custom requests to suit your project needs.

As MGM Timber are a CATG certified supplier, all the products we provide – not just our MDF products - are sustainable. We also have a highly efficient distribution chain that can not only get your products to you quickly but with minimal carbon footprint.

Choosing to source your MDF materials from us is choosing to do business with an ethically mindful timber merchant that cares a great deal about how our business is conducted.

Our MDF At MGM Timber

 MDF is a versatile, high-quality Medium Density Fibreboard, ideal for when handling weight is a design requirement - such as shop fitting, caravan manufacture, furniture making and general-purpose construction.

No matter if you have a DIY or trade project on your hands, we stock a variety of different MDF boards that are applicable in a range of applications to ensure we have something for everyone.

Make sure you get the right board for your project with us, and if in doubt, consult our timber experts.

The MDF Board Selection That We Stock

We are proud to provide a whole host of different MDF boards, such as: 

  • 18x2440x1220mm Medium Desntiy MDF – this brilliant board is ideal for internal, non-structural construction use for things like cupboards, shelving, and a variety of internal joining uses. Its smooth finish is free from natural defects, making it an ideal option functionally and aesthetically.

  • 12x2440x1220mm High-Quality Medium Density Fibreboard – if you are looking for additional strength from your MDF, these high-quality boards are ideal.

 Can’t find the right board for your project? Don’t hesitate to reach out, and we’ll see how we can help!

Why Choose Us For MDF Material? 

MGM Timber has been in the timber trade since 1991, and all this time, we have been focused on supplying Scotland with top-tier timber products at great rates. And as a part of the Donaldson Group, we have over 160 years of heritage in the timber industry at our disposal.

Aside from all this, we also strive to be as sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible. We have a host of policies and practices that we implement across our supply chain to ensure we are as sustainable as we can be. 

Choosing us means sourcing the MDF material you need from a reputable, ethical, and responsible timber merchant.

Get Your MDF Wood Your Way 

Did you know that we have an exemplary kerbside delivery service? Our distribution network spanning 14 strategic locations across Scotland enables us to get your products to you with ease.

And for big orders over £300 in value, you can qualify for free delivery. We are all about delivering exceptional products with a customer care focus that leaves little to be desired.

Reach Out To MGM Timber’s Experts Today

Do you have questions about our products or our services? Then don’t be shy and reach out to us; we are more than happy to assist you with your queries.

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MDF is created by bonding wood fibres together using a resin adhesive, high pressure, and high temperatures. The wood fibres are often created from breaking down hard or soft wood residuals.  MDF is an engineered wood-based material that commonly comes in sheet form and is very versatile for both machining and woodworking.  Typically, MDF consists of 82% wood fibre, 9% urea-formaldehyde, 1% paraffin wax and 8% water.
MDF is very useful for a range of applications, such as furniture, walls, cabinetry, and flooring.  It is often the case that moisture-resistant MDF has a green colour and fire retardant MDF has a blue or red colour.
Yes. It is safe to paint MDF.