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Softwood Plywood

At MGM Timber, we've been supplying top-quality softwood plywood since 1991. Our softwood plywood range can be used in a variety of situations. From temporary hoardings to top-quality flooring and concrete formwork, softwood plywood is fit for purpose.

So if you're looking for softwood plywood of a superior standard known for its durability and strength, look no further than MGM Timber, the UK's leading supplier of wood products. We stock:

  • 6mm softwood plywood

  • 9mm softwood plywood

  • 12mm softwood plywood

  • 15mm softwood plywood

  • 18mm softwood plywood

Softwood Plywood With MGM

At MGM Timber, we pair our high-quality softwood plywood with equally exceptional services. MGM Timber has been operating since 1991 and we are a part of the Donaldson Group which has over 160 years of experience in the timber industry.

We are confident that we can get you the best supplies paired with above-and-beyond services that make it easy for both trade and DIY customers to carry out projects of all sizes.

Need something different? We also offer:

What Is Softwood Plywood?

Softwood plywood is boards crafted from layers of wood so that they're cheaper than usual whole wood but still very strong and dependable.

Softwood plywood can be used in a wide variety of contexts. You get the strength benefits of solid wood but can use plywood much more easily in various building applications.

Our tough softwood plywood is manufactured by glueing together various layers called veneers to create easily producible plywood for the building trade that's also easy to modify by machine or saw but is also sturdy.

What Is Softwood Plywood Used For?

You'll find our softwood plywood sheets are so strong that they can be used to produce furniture, pre-assembled parts, and in the building trade.

Softwood plywood can meet the demands of both DIY enthusiasts and builders needing resilient plywood that is machinable. You'll find virtually limitless opportunities and applications for using softwood plywood.

Softwood ply is easily machinable, so you can fit it to match what is required for a repair, replacement, or totally new construction.

Easily Customised Softwood Plywood

You can easily machine cut or saw plywood to easily match the requirements of dimensions that you need for the job, or if desired, we can provide custom supplies. For example, you may require an exact size of the board to cover a specific wall construction in DIY or the trade industry.

That's why a smooth softwood plywood board is popular in both trade and DIY projects. It can be cut to whatever size and shape you need, and it also happens to be durable. No wonder it's a hit in the building trade.

It's The Timber Of Your Voice

If you have any questions, maybe our FAQ page, can answer them.

Don't forget our excellent delivery service, which gets the wood you want straight to your door with no hassle.

Reach out to us at MGM Timber if you're unsure what kind of wood suits your project. We don't just sell wood. We're experienced in how to use it. If you tell us your circumstances, we're delighted to discuss your options.

So, email us or give us a call, and we'll talk about how we can get you the right timber for the job.

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Plywood is a wooden material that is manufactured using layers of wood veneer. These layers of wood veneer are glued together, with each layer being rotated 90 degrees to give the sheet strength.
Primarily, plywood is used in internal structural applications. This would be for partitions, flooring, ceilings, and sheathing.  Additionally, plywood can be used for furniture, shelving, cabinets, cladding and for doors.  Plywood graded for external use can be used for things such as outdoor furniture, crates, bins, and more.
Marine plywood is a special type of plywood designed for use in environments that are wet, humid and prone to water exposure. Examples could be the kitchen or bathroom.