Fibo is one of Europe’s leading supplier of waterproof wall panels. Designed and manufactured in Norway since 1952, they produce panels for a staggering 100,000 bathrooms a year.

First to make the Aqualock ‘click’ system for walls, its panels are made from 7 layers of high-quality birch plywood; a far stronger and more robust material than MDF, with a high-pressure laminate surface in a range of attractive Scandinavian designs.

At MGM Timber, you can choose from a wide range of Fibo designs, structures, and colours, so let your creativity run free.

Order Fibo For Easily Tiling

This Norwegian quality product is approved for wet rooms, bathroom renovation and new builds. This approval is based on the patented Aqualock click system, which guarantees that the surfaces do not let any water through and can also be exposed to large temperature fluctuations.

Now that Fibo is on the scene, installing a moisture barrier or other waterproof layer behind panels is no longer necessary.

Alternative To Tiling That Works

Another great advantage is that you can easily screw or glue the wall panels to existing surfaces, which is faster than sitting there grouting tiles on. That’s why Fibo is just a popular product across the world, because you don’t need to spend all that time trying to skillfully align tiles whilst up to your knees in plaster.

Fibo gives you the stylish bathroom you need and fast. But even though it’s simple and cost-effective, the look isn’t cheapened one bit. Fibo’s panelling is sophisticated, elegant, and durable.

What Fibo Designs Are There?

Whether you're looking for natural wood textures or modern marble, you're sure to find the right design for your walls. With over 80 different options, there's nothing left to be desired in your search for the right wet room look.

You can also choose between many different joint patterns to give the bathroom an even more individual look.

Is Fibo Environmentally Friendly?

Fibo supports sustainable forestry, and all wall panels are PEFC certified. Attention is paid to the lowest possible pollutant emissions during production, and strict recycling requirements are observed.

UK Delivery For Fibo Products

You can rely on MGM Timber's fantastic delivery service to deliver your Fibo products to your home or construction site. We dispatch swiftly from our modern warehouse and ensure your products are tracked straight to you.

Questions About Fido Panels?

If you need more information about Fido products in the UK or indeed any information about any of MGM Timber's products, simply get in touch. Our trained timber representatives are there for that very reason: to listen to your needs and come up with a solution.

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